Golf – La Grange Golf – Ludo Game Review

Golf – La Grange Golf – Ludo Game Review

In case you haven’t heard, the new Ludo game called Ludo has been sweeping the world. Ludo is a foul-mouthed clown who makes people laugh uncontrollably. In his most infamous game called the Game of Life, he pretends to kill his enemies, while he hides and waits for them to fall down dead in front of him. The game was conceived by the comedian himself, Lucio Zamorano.

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The funny guy is so popular that there are even children’s versions of the game. The game was designed for Nintendo’s NES console and has remained the top choice among fans of all ages. Now, you can play it on your computer too! It doesn’t matter whether you are at home or at work. Simply download the game from your computer, install it and you are ready to enjoy it anytime you want. Here are some tips to make your gaming experience more exciting.


Don’t forget to read the directions on screen. You can easily get lost if you don’t. Even if you are familiar with the concept of the game, it helps to read the screen for any clarification. Don’t be in a hurry when starting the game. You can start using the objects in front of you but be patient as you go along.


Keep a sharp lookout for obstacles in front of you as well as the items you are supposed to use. You should also be aware of where the enemies are located. These elements should not be underestimated. The goal of the game is to eliminate all the enemies. If an enemy manages to escape, then your objective is defeated.


When you find an item that you think you can use, don’t just pick it up and move on. Do your best to utilize its capabilities. Don’t waste your time looking for something that is already useless. Get rid of it as soon as possible and save yourself some trouble. In this stage, you should concentrate on finding items that can help you on your journey. These items can include weapons or magic equipments.


Keep an eye out for obstacles in front of you. They might seem easy enough, but they can pose a threat to your survival. You need to take them out quickly to prevent them from becoming a problem. Focus on destroying all the objects as fast as possible before they reach the goal.


When you reach the goal, be ready to perform a jump. This is where your concentration will be useful. Your goal is to reach the finish line without touching any of the objects or creatures along the way. When you touch these elements, you lose points. As a result, you are given a time limit to reach the finish line.


Don’t give up. Give yourself enough time. Once you pass one challenge, the next awaits. Make sure you play the complete version of Ludo Landscape if you haven’t yet before finishing the game.


If you think you have reached the end of the game, you will get the message: “You beat me! Congratulation! You are the best golfer on Earth!” That is what you get when you complete the game. The challenge is not over however; you still have one more task ahead of you.


You will have to find the hidden object scenes. Ludo is an expert in finding the things he needs. He knows how to get inside locked rooms and other objects he needs for his game. The best thing you can do is to keep yourself busy while he is going about his tasks. The more you run after him, the more he gets distracted and the harder it becomes to keep track of where he is.


You are also advised to practice the different features of the game. This will help you make your next attempt easier. You can also purchase a practice disc. This is helpful in making the first few tries a little bit easier. It is recommended that you practice on hard courses that feature difficult layouts in order to be accustomed to the game’s difficulty levels.


The game has several levels of difficulty. You can start with the easy mode, so you will be able to see if you are indeed fit to handle the difficult course layouts. But if you want a challenge, you may want to try the advanced level.

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